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No Rebekah… no problem?

That was the question/challenge facing The Originals Season 1 Episode 17, as it aired just days after the shocking news that Claire Holt has left the series for good.

The CW drama jumped ahead a month to put this departure in the rear view mirror a bit, focusing on the tension in New Orleans instead of the missing blonde beauty by Klaus and Elijah’s side.

The Originals Series Finale Photo

The episode was really all about sides. Who appeared to jump from one to another?


We’ll get to that first, but first a quick rundown of the teams:

TEAM ORIGINAL: Led by Elijah, with Klaus seeming to care more about painting (and banging Genevieve!) than being King.

Elijah spent the hour trying to broker a true between all factions in the city.

TEAM VAMPIRE: Led by Diego because Marcel has been exiled. He got into it on a couple of occasions with a newly human werewolf named Oliver.

TEAM MARCEL: Led by Marcel, naturally. He recruited his old friend Theirry to help him take back over the city… and he slept with Cami, who was grieving over a very sick Kieran. Hot stuff. 

TEAM WITCH: Genevieve is in charge here. She seemed a bit upset when Klaus stopped paying close attention to her – and we all know what an upset Genevieve is capable of. Gulp.

TEAM HUMAN: Led by a new character named Francessa. She is very wealthy and known for her charitable endeavors, though she also runs the local, underground drug trade.

TEAM WEREWOLF: Jackson is The Man here, and here is also where it got interesting.

Klaus said werewolves were more about family than vampires and appeared to embrace this side of his hybrid self over his usual blood sucker side. He offered Jackson the ring that would make him never suffer the pain of turning again, which Jackson is excited to use to help is clan take over entirely.

And that’s where we left off, with no new episodes scheduled until April 15.

How will we deal until then?!? And which team are you on? Decide now and go watch The Originals online at TV Fanatic.