Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: What a Drag (Queen Performance)

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Last night's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 12 showed us than when it comes to sibling rivalries ... Abby Lee Miller is still the shot-caller. She's a beast.

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know this to be true, but she keeps finding new ways to assert her dominance week in and week out. It's compelling.

No police reports were filed this week, though ... that we know of. So as Dance Moms episodes go, she was actually fairly well behaved. That being said:

As this week's installment opens, Abby reveals her pyramid. Mackenzie, Peyton, and Nia are at the bottom, and as a result, Peyton storms off crying.

In the bathroom, Peyton laments how much she loves the studio and doesn’t want to leave. Abby's reply is that she needs to stop being a baby.

Maddie and Chloe are in the middle of the pyramid, and Kendall is on top, with the whole crew headed to Maryland for the World Class Rock Competition.

Chloe, Maddie, and Mackenzie will be performing solos at the competition, while Peyton will lead off the "Kinky Pants" drag queen-themed routine.

Soon enough on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 12, the moms begin gossiping, discussing Abby's machinations and whether their kid is getting shafted.

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They also fret that Maryland is too conservative for their Kinky Pants group dance, but Abby brings in real drag queens, Lola and Blade, to help the girls.

Abby Lee lectures Mackenzie about how she needs to make the “Maddie Face” to win. Christi comforts her, saying the “Mackenzie Face” is just as good.

Maddie performs her tap solo first. Then Maddie’s little sister Mackenzie takes the stage to perform her solo, which brings the girls' mom to tears.

Next up is Chloe, who performs her contemportary solo. Christi feels Chloe “is still in the running” and has a chance to beat Maddie and Mackenzie.

The dancers then the stage for their group drag queen get-up, and begin dancing provocatively. The crowd's reaction is basically one of abject terror.

However, their group dance got a first place prize! meanwhile, Maddie’s solo took first place, Mackenzie won second place, and Chloe won third place.

Abby says Peyton did a good job, but Mackenzie stole the show, at which point Peyton's mom Leslie flips out on Melissa about her girls being on a pedestal.

Melissa curses at Leslie and storms out. Good. Times.

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