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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are both in teasing moods these days.

Soon after her occasional lover talked up a Calvin Klein campaign by posing with his shirt undone and his new tattoo exposed, Gomez also took to Instagram and made a very sheer statement.

"…Secret project," the singer simply wrote as an intriguing caption to this revealing picture:

Selena Gomez 'Secret Project'

Just a few days earlier, what appeared to be a Selena Gomez nude shot also went viral, as this artist is either taunting Bieber or trying to seduce Bieber.


Either way, she’s got our attention!

What could this "secret project" be alluding to? We can’t say.

But it’s safe to assume it means Selena will soon be getting back to work, following a self-imposed, rehab-related hiatus in December that caused her to cancel tour dates in Australia.

"My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them," she said in a statement at the time.

We somehow doubt any male fans are disappointed by the image above or the ones below.

Selena Gomez 'Secret Project'