John Ridley & Steve McQueen: Feuding Over 12 Years a Slave Writing Credit?

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12 Years a Slave was among the major 2014 Academy Awards winners Sunday, taking home Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay for John Ridley.

Cause for celebration, right? Mostly. Director Steve McQueen and Ridley are reportedly engaged in a feud regarding writing credits for the acclaimed film.

John Ridley and Steve McQueen

When Ridley was announced as the winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for the film, Steve McQueen appeared ... less than thrilled.

Then, Ridley failed to name the film's director among the many "thank you" mentions in the speech. Coincidences and the products of nerves or bad timing?

Possible, certainly. Neither would be unprecedented on such an occasion. But the rumors began anyway, fueled by a tweet from reporter Nikki Finke.

She wrote that her (unnamed) sources "attributing the John Ridley-Steve McQueen cold shoulder at Oscars tonight to dispute over screenplay credit."

Ridley (top left, in above photo) also did not bring up McQueen (bottom right, speaking) the night before after his win at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Did McQueen want credit on the script as well? Is there something else wrong between them? Neither has commented on the alleged feud as of this point.

Other (less controversial) highlights from the 2014 Oscars below:

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