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Snooki is reportedly pregnant with her second child. She hasn’t confirmed it, but it would certainly give her somthing to talk about on her book tour.

The Baby Bumps author and fiance Jionni LaValle are reportedly a few months along, according to a Page Six report. Her first child is about 18 months.

Snooki Pregnant Again!

Snooks is reportedly trying to keeping things under wraps so it doesn’t put the kibosh on some lucrative appearances she has lined up … the irony.

Sure enough, Snooki‘s camp replied to a quote request with "no comment."

If Baby No. 2 is anything like big brother Lorenzo, she could be in trouble.

"Lorenzo is always beating me up and pulling my hair," she said.


"He’s really growing his own personality. Like, he’s crazy. He’s always getting into trouble. Every time we say no, he just does it. He doesn’t listen."

Not pulling hair and beating her up in the hot, girl fight sense, either. With Snooki and also-pregnant BFF JWoww, you always have to clarify such things.

Congrats to Snook and Jionni LaValle if the rumor is true! We bet it is but have no confirmation right now. Here are some other celebrity babies due in 2014: