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Troubled football star Richie Incognito was admitted to a psychiatric care unit in Arizona late last night, following his latest incident of erratic behavior.

Incognito did not check in voluntarily, either; Scottsdale police officers reportedly filled out a petition to have the 30-year-old admitted to the psychiatric facility.

Richie Incognito Smashes Own Ferrari

The general rule is that getting said petition approved requires a detailed description of at least two incidents that show significant psychiatric instability.

Richie Incognito definitely qualifies for that, at least it would appear.

The former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman admitted taking a baseball bat to his own Ferrari earlier this week; it’s unclear if that incident was cited here.

It would be a good bet, though hardly the first sign of concern.


Incognito didn’t resist officials’ overtures to admit him, however, and acknowledges that he needs professional help dealing with all of the drama in his life.

Besides being the focus of a five-month NFL investigation centered around his alleged bullying of Jonathan Martin, Incognito’s parents are also divorcing.

He did Tweet props to Michael Sam this month, however.

Here’s hoping he gets the help he clearly needs …