Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Pyramid Scheme

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Tuesday night's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7 did not lack for drama as the competition, and tension, heated up on Lifetime's hit reality series.

Abby told Jill about a new scheme to have a junior team compete with her present squad, though Abby assures Jill that Maddie will always have a spot.

The pyramid features Chloe, Kendall and Nia on the bottom, with Mackenzie; Brooke and Paige are the second row, with Maddie, obviously, on top.

In New York, Paige and Chloe performed solos, with Paige and Chloe doing a duet titled "Wishbone" and the entire group going all out on "Elegant Revenge.

The moms are not pleased with the new team of elite dancers, while Abby lectures Pagie and the drama really commences on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7.

Abby wants to build a team of Maddies, basically, but no one there is perfect, not even the one she gives a second chance to after the mom begged for it.

In the dressing room, Abby tells the team to use their face and attitude. At the same time, Kelly's backstage offering Paige encouragement, and it pays off.

Abby then wants to enter Kalani and Maddie's duet for in competition, and it goes fairly well, despite the music stopping prior to the dancing concludes.

Abby then announces Kalina is a new team member and, tells Brooke to "grow the Hell up," which leads to Kelly losing her mind and a fight breaking out.

Good times, as always. All class. And we can't do it justice here.

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