Woman Earns $9K a Month From Fans Watching Her Eat on Webcam

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Meet Park Seo-yeon, a South Korean woman, makes $9,000 a month from fans who like to watch her eat for hours each day, according to reports.

Known as "The Diva" online, Seo-yeon cooks up elaborate meals, sits down and ingests them in front of a camera, all while chatting with her adoring fans.

Who pay handsomely for the privilege of doing so, obviously.

Almost surprisingly, there is no sex or nudity involved. Nor is there remote suggestion of it. Any hoovering she does involves food and food alone.

The web craze is called "Meok-Bang" and it cures loneliness and hunger pangs ... seriously. This is a thing and it's reportedly common in South Korea.

"People enjoy the vicarious pleasure of my online show when they can't eat that much, don't want to eat food at night, or are on a diet," Seo-yeon said.

It boils down in part to demographics:

South Korea, one-person households are common and becoming more so. They could comprise a third of the population in 15 years, officials believe.

As for Seo-yeon, she was working at a consulting agency before she quit that gig to eat full-time. The Diva streams daily starting between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Her "Meok-bang" sessions last for hours.

A seemingly endless smorgasbord of delicious food - Korean food, pizza, pasta, steak, you name it - can be (not at all sexually) enjoyed along with her.

As many as 3,500 Meok-Bangers are believed to be doing this in that country, though, so don't think you can just jump on into this new career field.

You gotta earn a following.

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