The Bachelor Sneak Peek: What Happens When Juan Pablo DOESN'T Kiss Every Girl?!

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“What happens when Juan Pablo decides not to kiss every girl?”

The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 4 synopsis asks this buring question, with emotions on the rise in South Korea. But first there's a group dance routine to suffer through.

According to reports, after their maligned K-Pop “performance,” one of the women pulls Juan Pablo Galvis aside to tell him she’s "not into" the group dates.

Well, yeah. But does she know what show she signed up for?

One doesn't have to watch The Bachelor online every week to know that this is part of the game. You're gonna have to share the guy (or girl). End of story.

That doesn't make preparing for it any easier, though, and it sounds like the claws are coming out tonight as El Bachelor continues to cull the prospects.

There's always someone who can't deal, it seems. Every year.

On a one-on-one date this evening, Sharleen Joynt and Juan Pablo explore Seoul and discuss her doubts and fears about this tumultuous journey.

Moreover, when he asks her about how she’ll maintain her opera career and balance parenthood, she draws a blank. Not exactly a vote of confidence.

As far as which lady tries to have Juan Pablo all to herself, will efforts pay off? Or blow up in her face? We'll find out this evening when he plays hard to get.

Two more ladies will get the boot tonight. Who do you predict will be sharing sad, limo confessionals while the others toast to their future trophy husband?

Beyond this week, you can check out The Bachelor spoilers page on THG for the latest intel on who stays, who goes, and what you can expect this spring.

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