The Bachelor Season Premiere: Juan Shining Moment

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On a special Sunday night Countdown to The Bachelor Season 18, ABC introduced viewers to Juan Pablo Galavis.

And while we saw him playing shirtless beach volleyball, acting like a sports and entertainment consultant and hanging with daughter Camila on last night's official premiere, let's face it:

The opening episode each season is always about the totally insane ladies.

Juan and the Ladies

And Juan got to meet 27 of them this week, as opposed to the regular 25. Who might become his wife and Camila's stepmother? Who was bonkers enough to make Tila Tequila look sane?

Let's break down the best and the worst potential suitors, as the Bachelor took them Juan at a time at the premiere cocktail party...

Chelsie is a blonde science "educator," meaning she works at a museum. She tries to impress Juan by speaking Spanish.

Renee is 32, one of the oldest contestants out there. She has an eight-year old son Ben. Single parents unite?

Andi has a major ponytail and works as a lawyer in Atlanta. She's not happy that she has to compete with other women.

Amy feeds Juan some eggs, is 31 and works as a massage therapist in Los Angeles. She makes weird facial expressions.

Nikki, 26, is a blonde pediatric nurse who included babies in her pre-taped intro. Strong move there.

Lauren H is a "mineral coordinator," whatever that means. She was dumped by her fiancé after six weeks.

Valerie says she is a "pretty girl" and a personal trailer. We're not sure how pretty she really is.

Lacy has a nice smile and solid breasts. She's all about her special needs relatives and takes care of the elderly and is way too perfect to win.

Clare is 32 and part Mexican. Her dead father recorded a DVD message to her future husband.

Christy is a "police support specialist." This may be our favorite made-up occupation of anyone there.

Cassandra, a former NBA dancer, goes totally silent during her first meeting with Juan.

Those are just a few of our favorite possible suitors. As for moments that stood out during the actual party? Well...

  • Nikki pulled out a stethoscope to check Juan's heart rate… and to have him nestle his hand in her cleavage.
  • Lucy dons a flower headband, a dress made from an ace bandage and white satin sheets and no shoes. She calls herself a "free spirit."
  • Lauren S. pedals a piano on wheels up the driveway.
  • Maggie offers Juan a fishing hook and the line: "I just really hope you're gonna be the big catch that I've been waitin' for!"
  • Kelly brings her dog to the shindig.
  • Andi leaves the Bachelor the most flummoxed, as he utters multiple "Wows" during her limo exit.
  • One contestant says "Give me three shots of Patron and I'll be topless" and another says she hopes Juan Pablo dies.

So, who will actually be moving ahead on this journey with Juan? Sharlee, Claire, Nikki, Renee, Andi, Alli, Chantel, Lauren S., Kelly (and Molly, her dog), Cassandra, Danielle, Chelsie, Kat, Victoria, Christy, Lucy, Elise ad Amy L.

What was your favorite moment from The Bachelor premiere? Who is your eary favorite... to win and/or to complete breakdown? Can you resist visiting our section of The Bachelor spoilers to see who wins?

Watch The Bachelor online now to relive the premiere and brace yourselves. This is gonna be a Juan of a kind adventure!

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