Juan Pablo Galavis‎: Behind The Bachelor

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He's Juan-derful. He's Juan of a kind. And he's coming to a television screen near you.

Yes, Juan Pablo Galavis is the new Bachelor and ABC aired a special pre-season premiere special last night that gave us an inside look at this aspiring husband.

What did we learn on Countdown to Juan Pablo? A few things of note...

Juan Pablo Photo
  • Juan Pablo was born in the United States, but moved to Venezuela at the age of two.
  • He's a former professional soccer player who retired when his now-four-year old daughter, Camila, was born.
  • He's been practicing his English in anticipation of the series and also working out with a trainer. (Spoiler Alert: It shows.)
  • According to his family, Juan Pablo has dated women from all backgrounds, occupations and ethnicities.
  • He cried when receiving a compliment from his father and teared up when saying goodbye to his Old Man.
  • He works as a consultant “for sports and entertainment" and one of his biggest clients is the Venezuelan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • He looks very good with his shirt off.

Don't believe us? Check out this promo for The Bachelor Season 18 and click through these Bachelor spoilers if you want to see who ends up winning Juan Pablo's heart:

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