Sister Wives Recap: It's Boys' Night!

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Fresh off a Sister Wives return episode that introduced the world to Kody's many mother-in-laws, this TLC hit turned the focus back on to the men this week.

Specifically, it gave us a look at Kody rekindling his friendship with Brett, someone who had turned away from Mormon Fundamentalism back in the day.

But he and Kody have remained close and here Brett's wife planned a trip to the zoo for her and the ladies.

She admitted there that she doesn't get the concept of polygamy, as the wives tried to explain their tight relationship not just with Kody… but with each other.

Meanwhile, with their wives tied up, Kody, Brett and another pal named Shaun hit up Las Vegas. They sky dive in Sin City and later Kody is also forced to explain his unique arrangement.

He tells the men that he's the leader, but that doesn't mean he's the only voice in the family. There has to be balance, but there also has to be an understanding of who's in charge. It's a delicate, fine line to walk.

Finally, Meri prepared herself for Mariah's graduation - and had a very difficult time with it. As depicted in the above video recap, this Sister Wife broke down at the thought of her daughter leaving home.

Where will this leave Meri in the family? She feels lost. She feels afraid. She feels confused.

It's a sad situation. Go watch Sister Wives online to catch up on all you have missed and send your best wishes to Meri.

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