Marines' Greased Lightning Video: Now That's How to Pass the Time in Afghanistan!

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A funny video of some Swedish Marines dancing to "Greased Lightning" while stationed in Afghanistan is going viral, and we've got the insight as to why:

They're hot Swedes. Gyrating around military vehicles to the John Travolta number from Grease. It's any girl's dream ... and probably Travolta's, for that matter.

Anyway, check it out below!

It's fun to see how military personnel pass their down time out in the middle of nowhere, and that they keep their morale and spirits high with things like this.

The fact that we get to share in it is great, but the mere idea that they decided to choreograph a musical number, obviously practice it and record this?

It's enough to give you newfound respect for the country of Sweden. Not that you needed any, since it's ranked atop like every list of best everything.

Still, respect, you guys!

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