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Kristen Bell is going into detail about her pregnant sex life with new hubby Dax Shepard. Hilarious detail, we should say.

According to the House of Lies beauty, Dax "felt like he was cheating" while she was carrying their now 10-month-old daughter, Lincoln.

On Tuesday’s Conan, the host asked the blonde actress all about it and she wasted no time in getting personal.

"Dax mentioned that he loved it when you were pregnant. What was that all about?" Conan asked, prompting his subject to respond:

"He says he likes some meat on my bones — he phrased it as ‘there’s more of you to love."

Kristen Bell Talks Pregnant Sex

She went on to discuss why Dax felt he was being unfaithful during their sexy times.


"He felt like he was with a completely different woman. He said he felt like he was cheating on me," she explained.

Bell also spoke about shooting her racy lovemaking scenes for Showtime’s House of Lies while pregnant and that her co-star Adam Brody jokingly labeled them "threesomes" because Lincoln was technically present at the time. 

Hmmm. Funny, we guess. Sort of gross.

You can catch Kristen on House of Lies, but her much anticipated Veronica Mars movie hits theaters March 14.

We. Can’t. Wait. Check out the Veronica Mars movie trailer now!

And, just for kicks, let’s revisit Kristen’s epic sloth surprise tearfest from Ellen, shall we?