Justin Bieber Visits Cuba, Sucks on Stogie

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Justin Bieber may or may not have sent Selena Gomez mean text messages and photos of his erect penis.

But he is definitely smoking a cigar in the following picture!

Indeed, the singer's impromptu world tour is continuing at the moment in Cuba, where Bieber and his pals have jetted off to and where the singer has shard a new image via Instagram.

“I’m in Cuba I love Cubans," wrote Justin, simply and clearly, as a caption to this shot last night:

Justin Bieber Smoking

While police are going through a lot of Justin's stuff via an executed search warrant last week and trying to connect him to the egging of his neighbor's house... Bieber has anywhere but at home.

First, made a stop in Colorado to pee in the snow.

Then, he made it totally rain inside a Miami strip club, allegedly spending $75,000 in one night.

And now The Biebs has gone outside the country and entered Castro country. Anything to avoid his fans and his floundering image in the States we guess, huh?

Go back in time and relive his most memorable scandals now, some of which very recently took place:

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