Julie Gayet Rumored to Be Mistress of French President

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Julie Gayet is making headlines in France for being that nation's version of Monica Lewinsky.

The 41-year old actress is rumored to be sleeping with French President Francois Hollande, as rumors continue to swirl around the actions of that politician overseas.

Julie Gayet and President

Gayet is married to Argentinia director and script writer Santiago Amigorena and has two kids.

She started acting at the age of 17 and recently portrayed a diplomatic adviser at the French foreign ministry in Quai d’Orsay.

Gayet may be coy about her supposed affair with the President, but she's always supported Hollande.

In 2012, Gayet appeared in a promotional video for the President in which she described the Socialist candidate as "marvelous," "humble" and "somebody who really listens."

See. There's the key, fellas. Women love a man who listens.

Chatter about a relationship between Gayet and Hollande first emerged early last year, but were flatly denied by both sides. The actress even engaged in legal action against various websites that were running the story, charging “infringement of personal privacy."

However, Gayet was asked about Hollande last month during a television interview when the reporter joked of the President visiting Gayet's latest movie set:

"The President loves the film. His partner [Valerie Treierweiler] much less."

Gayet, for possibly understandable reasons, refused to comment.

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