Jon Gosselin: Suing Kate Gosselin For Custody of Kids After Awkward TV Interviews!

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Jon Gosselin does not hold back when it comes to Kate Gosselin, her lifestyle or her parenting. He's upping the ante now, though, from a legal standpoint.

His attorney, Mark Heller, is quoted as saying that a custody battle is looming between the two, and that the father of eight is looking to raise the stakes.

Heller says Jon will "most likely" be taking legal action against Kate over what he perceives to be a violation of a provision of their custody agreement.

This latest beef between the long-feuding parents stems from a beyond awkward Today appearance by Kate and their 13-year-old twins, Mady and Cara.

Jon's negative response and then the twins staying mum about their dad on The View culminated in his decision to take action, according to his lawyer.

Heller explained that their custody deal stipulates that if Kate leaves town or needs to leave the kids with a babysitter or nanny, Jon has first right of refusal.

In other words, he can opt to have the children stay with him instead if he chooses, yet Kate Gosselin has never given her ex that privilege, Heller says.

From his point of view, "that violated the custodial agreement," Heller said. "She always places them with the babysitter instead of the father, to his disdain."

His complaints don't stop at that; they're much broader.

Jon also doesn't spent as much time with them in general, despite the custody agreement, due to Kate's "reluctance to abide by that provision for 12 months."

"It is his belief that [Kate] has violated the custodial agreement and is in contempt of the court order... She has clearly breached those very extensive provisions."

"It is his position that such conduct, and I agree, is not only contemptuous but there have also been attempts by her to alienate him the affections of his children."

"[Jon] has been deprived very serious parental rights."

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