Deer Farts in Forest; Reddit Goes Nuts ('Cause Reddit is Reddit and Farts are Hilarious)

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If a deer farts in the woods, and a video camera is there to record it ... will the sound of the flatulence go viral years later thanks to the Reddit community?

We're pretty positive we all know the answer to this.

You know the details already after that intro, and there's not really a whole lot more to say, but witnessing an animal break wind like this is pure magic.

Possibly fake, overdubbed magic. But nevertheless.

You can't blame the animal, assuming its flatulence is legit.

The kind of roughage consumed out there in the woods has to be insanely high in fiber. Also, don't act like you don't do this when no one is there to witness it.

Nature. When it calls for a viral video, we post it.

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