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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Escape to Bitch Mountain” and are hunted by squirrels on their Palm Springs adventure. We recap the wildlife encounters and Kim’s panty twist in our THG +/- review.

OK, so the squirrels didn’t actually attack on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 7 but come on ladies! If Carlton and company had any real respect for animals, they’d read the sign that says don’t feed the wildlife. If one of the little rascals nipped you you’d be headed off for rabies shots.  

Minus 20 because I’m afraid you’d all look just as distraught as Brandi does here.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

What’s a Housewives trip without plenty of tears. First it was Kyle who sobbed because Brandi was mean to her. 

Then Yolanda ran to her rescue. Plus 16. Let the hug fest begin. 

But when Kyle cried, “I never had a problem with you. Never, I swear.” I almost had to laugh. Could she be any more disingenuous?  She’s been snarling at Yolanda and calling her a liar since last season’s reunion show. Minus 13.

When Yolanda steps out Lisa walks in and the hugging continues…sort of. Somehow Kim Richards ends up in the room with her panties in a twist, literally. 


And when Lisa goes over and closes the bathroom door so she doesn’t have to watch Kim adjust herself, Kim freaks out and tells Lisa to leave, even as Kyle sits there sobbing, begging Lisa to stay. Minus 27.

That wasn’t Kim’s only weird moment. 

When the ladies were at the top of the mountain, Kim knelt down to pray. Next to a garbage can?!? Minus 19.

All of the beauty and nature surrounding her and she decides to get on her knees next to a dirty trash can. Maybe it’s a reflex from her days under the influence or as Lisa asked, “Was she praying that the bin should be emptied?”

Carlton gave Brandi a talking to about sharing their “friendship” kiss in the hot tub with the group. She’s not embarrassed that it happened but she didn’t like being put on display and Plus 23 for giving it to Brandi straight.

Although if Carlton mentions one more time that she hates being in the middle of the drama I may throw something at the screen. Minus 30. What better way to avoid drama than to sign on to be a Real Housewife?

Where the ladies first night is spent giggling like a bunch of pre-teens at a slumber party, their second night is spent crying and freaking out, again much like a bunch of pre-teens at a slumber party.  Minus 11.

Maybe that’s too harsh. Brandi finding out that her home was broken into was a shocker and she had every right to be upset. And worse yet, Chica, her little dog is missing. 

As much as I adore my own pets I have to ask, was all of the crying and yelling really necessary? Minus 8. But if Brandi is over the top during the best of times I suppose this is what’s to be expected when things go wrong. 

Next week:  DoggieGate continues and Yolanda hosts the next dinner party from hell.

Episode total = -89!                                                          Season total = +37!