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The Real Housewives of Atlanta had Kandi Burruss “Save the Drama For Mama” but if Mama’s not careful her wedding invite might get lost in the mail.

We break down all the Mama drama in THG’s +/- review …

Goodness knows Mama Joyce was always a little off but the woman was riding the crazy train on the latest Housewives. Minus 25.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Poor Kandi. Todd seems like a really good guy. He’s stable and honest and he loves her. Plus 40.

But that’s not enough for Mama Joyce. He’s not a millionaire so he must be taking advantage of Kandi because in Mama’s head that’s just what men do.


Funny thing is that Mama Joyce seems more concerned about herself than her daughter. Who stomps into someone else’s home and asks why there aren’t more pictures of them up? Minus 11. 

Then Joyce starts throwing shade on Kandi’s long time friend Carmon making it sound like Kandi’s best gal pal and her fiance are getting it on behind the scenes.

Talk about drama.  Minus 33.  Kandi Burruss should have been showing Mama the door.

Plus 42 to Todd who miraculously kept his cool when most people would have lost it. Even when Joyce insulted his choice of engagement ring the man held his tongue and was respectful.  That must have taken some self control because I know I was yelling at my TV.

Kandi and Todd’s finances, relationship or pre-nups are none of Mama Joyce’s business and Kandi needs to stand up and tell her so before Todd has enough of this nonsense…which would make Joyce perfectly happy and that’s nothing but sad. Minus 15.

But Kandi’s not the only one with relationship issues. Phaedra still wasn’t speaking with Apollo as she headed off for Alabama.

Perhaps Apollo should beware…she was going to learn how to embalm a body. Maybe she thinks it will come in handy closer to home.

Seriously though, Apollo went to Peter for some marital advice and it wasn’t half bad. Plus 18.

Peter pointed out that the last thing Phaedra wanted to hear was how Apollo Nida could have had Kenya if he’d wanted her. The correct answer was, Honey, you’re the only woman I want.

And Kenya Moore was definitely using those text messages to embarrass Phaedra. Another plus 10 to Peter for calling it. 

Back home Peter had more fatherly issues to deal with. Cythina’s daughter Noelle says she’s got a boyfriend.

Although I agree with NeNe that 13 is way too young to actually date, plus 30 to the parents for getting together to discuss boundaries and showing the kids how to be respectful to one another and the adults. 

Kenya finally picked out a place to live but does anyone really care? 

I found it funny how Kenya now called NeNe her good friend because she took an interest in her home search. Minus 12. Girl, NeNe was making fun of your rental in case you hadn’t noticed. 

And Porsha Williams takes a look at a beautiful condo…but she’s just not ready to move out of Momma’s. Well who would be? Momma gave her the master suite and serves her breakfast every morning. Who in their right mind would want to leave?