Revenge Shocker: Who Shot Emily Thorne?

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Emily Thorne's season-long (nay, lifelong) plan to take down Victoria Grayson finally played out on Sunday's Revenge midseason finale on ABC.

It was also her wedding day, which should be the happiest day of any beautiful bride's life. That was clearly the goal for Emily VanCamp's character.

Only in her case, August 8 (double infinity!) would involve faking her own death at sea and framing her groom's mother for murder. A day in the life.

The Holy Trinity of Emily, Nolan, and Aiden planned the "fool proof" Revengenda for months, and thought of every possibility ... until it all went south.

Shots were fired, but not by Emily into the air. After being exposed as an impostor, she took two to the stomach, and the person pulling the trigger was a shocker.

See who it was here in this clip from Revenge Season 3 Episode 10:

For the full episode, and every episode, follow the link to watch Revenge online at TV Fanatic. How do you think the show will begin the next chapter?

Sunday, January 5, we'll find out if Emily lives (likely) and what the consequences of her foiled plot are (drastic) now that she's been outed AND shot.

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