Knockout Game Does Not Exist, Says Knockout Game Victim

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One victim of the so-called Knockout Game says there is no such "game" or even necessarily a trend, just a media fabrication to make a story out of assault.

That's what James Addlespurger believes, anyway.

The Pittsburgh teacher was seen on video in October 2012 getting hit in the back of the head so hard that he blacked out and fell face-first into the pavement.

Addlespurger says the security footage has been used to identify the supposed "trend," and it's played on TV news shows countless times since.

He won't call the awful attack a "Knockout Game," however.

He simply calls it "assault," and he's not happy about it.

"I feel like I'm exploited," Addlespurger said of the video.

"People need to put a label on something. If they're selling toothpaste or CDs, or news stories, they need a label ... To me it's an assault, plain and simple."

The supposed knockout trend, James says, evolved from his and a few other videos online showing men recording themselves knocking people out.

But people being violent doesn't make a trend, or game.

"Butt slapping," for instance, is not a violent sex crime trend, but news stations have already begun to imply that it is, using only one person as a source.

Game or no game, examples of people being KO'd by strangers are on the rise. One such person who tried such an attack was shot and arrested recently.

What do you think? Is it a real thing? Or just a media term for a bunch of disturbing, yet isolated incidents that only makes the problem worse Discuss ...