Jordan Linn Graham Murder Trial Begins with "Wedding Blues" Testimony

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Montana newlywed Jordan Linn Graham's murder trial began this week with testimony about her mental state in the days immediately following her June wedding to Cody Lee Johnson.

Friends of both Johnson and Graham testified that she was in a state of "despair" in the 8 days following their wedding.

Johnson's friend Jennifer Toren testified that the deceased was crazy about his wife.

"He was willing to do anything for her," she told the jury.

Graham's friend, Kimberly Martinez, said that her friend was elated and excited in the days leading up to her wedding day but that her text messages took a downward turn as soon as the wedding bells were rung.

"Something was wrong," Martinez told the prosecutor. "I couldn't tell if she was unhappy or something had happened."

Asst. U.S. Attorney Kris McLean asserts that Graham lured her husband to the cliff where he met his demise and that the lies she told in the aftermath of his disappearance are proof that she didn't want to be caught.

Graham's attorney, however, describes her as a "naive, immature, and shy woman" and says she didn't report her husband's death to the authorities because she was afraid.

Graham has pled not guilty to first and second degree murder charges and making a false statement to the police.