Jean Fernandes, 11, Stops Traffic to Save Injured Dog

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In case you needed proof that kids are heroes, look no further than 11 year old Jean Fernandes, who loves animals so much he stopped oncoming traffic to save an injured dog.

The dog was hit by a car and the driver of that car just kept driving. Jean Fernandes couldn't leave the dog in the middle of the road and risk it getting hit again, so he risked his own life instead.

Rubia Lilliana Rose, Jean's mother, told BioBioChile that her son loves animals and rescues those which he finds abandoned or abused.

When he saw the injured dog, he wove himself between oncoming cars in order to reach the animal. 

Mel, the dog Jean saved, is one lucky pup. He is in the care of veterinarians but is doing well.

Jean Fernandes Saved A Dog
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