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The Homeland Season 3 finale did not leave viewers hanging.

No, that fate instead was reserved for one of the show’s central character, as Iran forces captured Brody, put him on trial for killing General Akbari and quickly decided his fate:

He was hanged in the public square, with Carrie watching her baby daddy’s fate in person, screaming in anguish.

Did Homeland kill off Brody one season too late?


Many would say so, as this formerly suspenseful drama about terrorism around the world was reduced to a love story between Carrie and Brody on Season 3, the former’s actually carrying the latter’s baby and making professional decisions based on her personal life.

This would be a problem for anyone, let alone a valuable CIA Agent.

But the back half of the season did pick up the intriguing pace, once the boredom of Dana Brody’s floundering was put to rest and once Brody was put back in the field.

Where do things go from here? Carrie is about to have her baby, but has been stationed in Istanbul and doesn’t exactly want the child. Saul no longer works at the CIA and Nicholas Brody really is gone this time. For good.

Showtime has already renewed Homeland for a fourth season, so we’ll see how this finale shakes up the game when new episodes air next fall.

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