Dylan Sprouse Owns Nude Photo Scandal "Like Beyonce Would Want Him To," Makes T-Shirts

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Dylan Sprouse isn't just handling his nude photo scandal with a refreshing mixture of honestly and class. He's owning it ... like Beyonce would want him to.

So he says on Twitter, and he's backing up the claim.

In fact, the way the former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star has reacted to this is more noteworthy than the actual leaked photos of Dylan Sprouse nude.

Rather than go into total damage control mode, Dylan has turned an embarrassing situation into a funny one, and possibly even a positive for his career.

After several jokes at his expense, he explained in full.

Dylan wrote on Tumblr that the scandal is his fault, but he's not sorry for the pics themselves, and the real “travesty is a misplaced trust” in a former flame.

Fans no doubt appreciated his take on the scandal, which took responsibility, but expressed his position in a very relatable way. And he's also hilarious.

He said he's "owning" the pics like Beyonce would want and making t-shirts (above), and screen-grabbed the latest Twitter trends (below), writing:

Sprouse Tweet

”Glad holiday spirit is still more important than my penis," he quipped.

Sure enough, his name was trending below “Christmas” ... FTW.

The photos of Dylan Sprouse were reportedly leaked by an ex-girlfriend on Tumblr, but it’s still a mystery as to how they actually made their way online.

He has not elaborated on that, although he says he was “proud” of the way his body looked at the time he sent the private pictures to his then girlfriend.

Some are screaming publicity stunt, and if so, it was masterful. But if we had to guess, we'd say Dylan's explanation on social media is the real deal.

He messed up, but there's no taking it back, so ... listen to Queen Bey and have some fun with it, all while staying true to the person you are. Respect.