Christopher Walken Hitchhikes in New York City, Takes Selfie With Fans

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Apparently Christopher Walken wasn't paying attention when his mother told him not to accept rides from strangers.

That turned out to be a cool thing for the two fans who picked him up on the side of a New York street when they saw him trying--and failing--to hail a cab.

We can't be certain, but they probably did this when he climbed in the back seat of their sedan:

Christopher Walken Dancing

Walken wasn't "weirded out" by the fans' offer to give him a lift at all. Sergio P. told the Gothamist that Walken "was totally cool with it."

They drove the Academy-Award winning actor about 40 blocks down to the West Side and Walken gave one of the men acting advice before he got out of the car.

At some point along the route, they snapped a selfie of their encounter.

Christopher Walken Selfie With Fans

This is just more proof that Christopher Walken is a pretty cool cat.

And because you knew it was coming, you know what this post about Christopher Walken needs? Of course you do.

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