Brandon Blackstock: Cheating on Kelly Clarkson With Pregnant Mistress?!

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Brandon Blackstock is rumored to be cheating on Kelly Clarkson, and The Dirty story on his alleged infidelity took a strange turn in the article's comments.

A comment under Clarkson’s name was posted on a story about Blackstock’s rumored affair, and the star's camp refused to deny it was from her.

“This is absolutely absurd,” the comment, posted by “Kelly Clarkson,” read.

“The woman who posted this fictitious [sic] rumor about my husband use [sic] to be my personal assistant until I terminated her for trying to steal from me.”

“She even tried to impersonate me by soliciting funds using my name and created a ficticious [sic] website,” she added. “This woman is just out for revenge.”

When asked about the rumors of Blackstock's adultery, a rep for the pregnant Kelly Clarkson said, “We do not comment on our artists’ personal lives.”

This week, the alleged mistress contacted The Dirty and said they've been doing it for the last five months ... during which Kelly got married and pregnant.

The woman claims to be five months pregnant with his child as well.

As for Brandon, he has addressed, but not denied the rumors.

Brandon Blackstock Dances with Kelly Clarkson

He re-tweeted a post saying “It’s sad how low life’s [sic] make up rumors about @BBlackstock,” replying, “But it make [sic] for great reading while on the sh*tter: ) lol”


When another Twitter fan responded, “If only it was fake,” Brandon Blackstock dodged the allegation with a joke, writing back, “No, me shitting is TRUE!”

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Melissa Ashworth, on whom he also reportedly cheated, decried the "silliness" and said she adores Brandon and Kelly. So there's that.

Here's hoping this is all just hearsay and gossip and that there's no truth to it, though the entire sequence of events described here is incredibly odd.

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