Amber Portwood: High All the Time on Teen Mom (and in Rehab)!

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Amber Portwood is coming clean about her past drug use in an interview with Dr. Phil, airing tomorrow. From the looks of the promo, she pulls no punches.

"This is actually my first time on stage sober, so I'm really nervous," she reveals in the clip. "Every time you see me on that show [Teen Mom], I am high."

The MTV reality star went on to explain that she was high even when in treatment for being high. She abused the drug Fentanyl while she was in rehab.

"I'm not going to give anyone any ideas, but let's just say you can, it doesn't show up unless you send it to a lab," Amber Portwood confessed to Dr. Phil.

"It's like a three-day patch. It can be very dangerous, and I, um, I was using that the whole time I was in there. With a friend, or whatever she was."

"It's patches. It's really dangerous. I opened up the patch and I would eat the patch."

She also admitted that she was high while on house arrest and when she beat up her then-boyfriend Gary Shirley in their infamous Teen Mom melee.

Portwood had been serving a five-year sentence as a result of her arrest for drug possession in December 2011. She chose prison over rehab then.

The 23-year-old was seen leaving Indiana's Rockville Correctional Facility on November 4 and appeared thrilled to reunite with her family and close friends.

So was the single mother released early? Not entirely. She participated in a substance abuse program and earned credits for her good behavior.

She has reunited with Gary and their daughter, Leah, but they're not reconciling in the romantic sense. That ship has long since sailed, she says.

What else will she reveal? We'll find out tomorrow on Dr. Phil.

Amber Portwood: Can she stay clean?

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