Widow Sleeps Next to Dead Husband's Corpse For a Year: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

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It's like something out of the Faulkner short story "A Rose For Emily." Or the movie Psycho. Except it's real life. 

A Belgian woman slept next to her dead husband's decomposing corpse for A YEAR before authorities found his mummified body on November 19th.

A year. 365+ days. Next to a dead body. So much shuddering right now.

Rachel Berry Freaking Out

Neighbors never reported a smell coming from the woman's apartment.

Within a week of the death of 79-year-old "Marcel H." his internal organs had melted and liquefied and his body began to rot and then mummify because of the conditions inside the apartment. 

Authorities found the body because the woman failed to pay rent for the entire year. Probably because she was in shock from sleeping next to her dead husband every night. 

Oh yes, there are pictures, but they are GRAPHIC. (You've been warned.) 

Decomposing Corpse
Decomposing Corpse Leg

Yeah. We told you it was bad. Don't blame us.

If you need a video report on the subject ...

We're sorry. We know you can't unsee this.

Once more for good measure ...

Rachel Berry Freaking Out
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