Fourth-Grader Records Bully Teacher During Class, Suspension Follows

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"Shut up. I mean that in the nicest way, but shut up!" Those are the words of a teacher in Villa Rica, Georgia to her classroom of nine-year-old fourth graders. "Get out of my face before I machete chop you."

Who does this woman think she is? Michonne from The Walking Dead? Even Michonne has a soft spot for kids!

Talk about needing to take a time-out! Yikes! 

Isaac Robinson sensed something was wrong when his son didn't seem okay even though he said school had been "fine" that day. After probing for more information, he learned that the boy had an issue with the way his teacher spoke to her class. 

We have an issue with it, too, young man. You're most certainly not alone.

At his father's request, a student in in the class recorded his teacher, whose name has been withheld, with a device hidden inside his backpack to catch the teacher's bullying remarks on tape. (Under Georgia law, only one party must be aware that a recording is taking place.)

After learning that the teacher threatened her students with jail for misbehaving, Robinson called the school to schedule a conference. The teacher denied the father's claims that she had said anything of the sort to her classroom and following a week-long investigation, the school concurred with her. 

Everything inside her classroom was A-OK. 

Robinson pulled out the big guns - his son's recording - to prove otherwise. The administration was shocked, the teacher was asked to leave the room, and the investigation was re-opened. 

Following a week-long suspension, the teacher is back in the classroom. Robinson has vowed to fight this until the teacher is terminated.

You go, Papa Bear. 

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