The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Premiere Recap: Who Your Friends Are

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills celebrated the zip code's 100th anniversary with "A Catered Affair to Remember" which left us with the question...

Does anyone have real friends in this town?

We ponder the answer in THG's +/- recap!

Is It Edible?

Kyle Richards is looking to make her mark in Beverly Hills, everyone. Not as an ex-child star, or a reality show star... or anything that she actually is.

She wants to be seen as a business woman. Minus 15. Is anyone buying that when she seems more interested in buying clothes from her own store?

Well, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce says they are. Plus 10. But that could just be them looking for some camera time and Kyle's reality star status gets them that… and a free cocktail party.

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump had to be laughed at. On the outside they were all perfect clothes and fake smiles but they couldn't stop taking jabs at one another.

And when it comes to digs, Lisa takes down Kyle every time.

Plus 22 because Lisa doesn't miss a trick. She brings up all the tabloid trash. Kyle saying that Lisa attacked her. Gossip about Kyle being pregnant. Even accusations that Mauricio is fooling around.

Although Kyle felt the joke about Portia being the younger woman Mauricio's been seen around town with was uncalled for, I thought it was kind of cute…if it wasn't done in front of the kid. Minus 25.

Even when Kyle Richards accuses her dear old friend of being condescending and spiteful, she still hires her to cater her party.

If Lisa's so bad, why not walk away? Because she's rich and this is Beverly Hills. Money, power, and status mean more than things like actually being a friend. Minus 30.

Lisa's staff couldn't be any brattier. They're not pretty enough to be that obnoxious and I lost respect for Lisa for not firing the lot of them. Minus 17. Beautiful bodies and pretty faces are a dime a dozen in LA. It's time to spend another dime and get a new batch.

Yolanda's back and my God, her daughter Gigi couldn't be any more gorgeous. Plus 50…thank goodness Mom sticks close. The girl is barely 18 and already looks like a supermodel.

It's been a tough year for Yolanda Foster. Lyme disease has taken its toll but it's taught her who she can count on and that person isn't Kyle…but Brandi Glanville's risen to the top of the list.

Speaking of the most outrageous, outspoken and outgoing of the Housewives, she describes herself as "the white version of The Jeffersons and I'm moving on up."

Plus 27. How can you not smile at Brandi?

She's got a best selling book, a hot new man, a new home and the determination to make it on her own. Plus 33. You go girl!

Surprisingly the sanest Housewife looks to be Kim Richards… and her canine companion Kingsley. Yes the pit-mix could definitely use a little training but at one year old he's just a big puppy. And his antics with Kim made me laugh out loud.

There are two new Housewives in Beverly Hills this year...

Carlton's got three kids with awesome names. Destiny, Mystery, and Cross. Plus 25.

And then there's Joyce.  I'm not sure what to make of Joyce Giraud. She's a former two-time Miss Puerto Rico so she's hot and young but when her husband Michael started talking about how he likes to run around in the nude, I felt much the same way Carlton did.

"I don't want to picture somebody I just met naked with something flapping." - Plus 15. Especially not someone who looks like Michael.

So are you up for the latest season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?


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