Shirtless Model Poses Imitated By Cats on Seductive, Hilarious Blog

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Hot guys. Cats. If only a blog would come along that combined the two in hilarious fashion. Oh, hey wait! There's Des Hommes et Des Chatons! Woo!

The site, which translates to Men and Cats, is devoted solely to photos of attractive men with pictures of adorable cats imitating their modeling poses.

The brilliant match-ups feature a variety of heartthrobs and felines. The only question is which creatures viewers might find it more enjoyable to ogle ...

Moral of the story? Where there is a hot guy giving a come-hither stare, gazing introspectively, laughing or having a beverage, there is a cat doing the same.

The more you click through the growing collection of model-cat juxtapositions (below), the more uncanny the resemblance between the two subjects seem.

See a bunch of the best photo examples for yourself below ...

Cat, Model 15
Cat, Model 2
Cat, Model 16
Cat, Model 1
Cat, Model 3
Cat, Model 5
Cat, Model 4
Cat, Model 14
Cat, Model 13
Cat, Model 7
Cat, Model 12
Cat, Model 6
Cat, Model 11
Cat, Model 10
Cat, Model 9
Cat, Model 8
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