Sandra Bullock Named EW Entertainer of the Year

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She floated above the Earth in Gravity and, according to Entertainment Weekly, she soared above the competition in 2013.

Yes, Sandra Bullock has been named that magazine's Entertainer of the Year.

Sandra Bullock EW Cover

The publication refers to the 49-year old as the "gift that keeps on giving" and cites roles in both the aforementioned Oscar contender and in the comedy The Heat as proof of her box office power.

Writes Entertainment Weekly of the beloved star:

"Bullock’s tremendous talent and range - to say nothing of the woman’s trademark grace and good humor in good times and bad - is what earned her the top spot on our annual list of the most exciting performers in 2013."

This would appear to be a reference to how Bullock handled her marriage coming to an end back when it came out that husband Jesse James cheated on her. Big time.

And let there be no doubt, we love Bullock. She's talented, funny and seemingly very grounded.

But did she deserve this honor? Over Miley Cyrus, who Hollywood can't stop talking about? Over Justin Bieber, who continues to make headlines both good and bad?

You tell us: Does Sandra Bullock deserve to be the Entertainer of 2013?