Rob Ford Runs Over City Council Member, Gets Stripped of Legislative Powers

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Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live ran a skit that parodied Rob Ford.

But, really, there's no greater parody of the Toronto Mayor than the man himself.

During a city council meeting on Monday, the politician - who has admitted to smoking crack during a drunken stupor - knocked over a councilwoman on the way to helping his brother, who had entered into a verbal confrontation with a spectator.

Watch the bizarre incident take place now:

Ford immediately apologized for his action, but then sat by as the council voted to strip the embattled mayor of many of his powers, while cutting the budget of his office by 60%.

Ford can scarcely legislate now, which is likely a good thing for Toronto.

Earlier in the day, he told CNN that he isn't actually addicted to any hard drugs, despite his past association with them.

"I don't smoke crack, and I'm not a crack addict. Have I? Yes, I have," Ford told the network. "I didn't lie. I don't smoke crack. I haven't smoked crack in over a year."

Ford then went off on a tirade against the spin machine of the media and "all these rich, elitist people."

"I'm sick of them. They sit off there and no, they're perfect. They don't do nothing. Get out of here, they don't do nothing. They're the biggest crooks around," he said.

Somewhere, Anthony Weiner is even shaking his head at Rob Ford.

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