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Richard Shoop, the 20-year old Teaneck resident who entered a northern New Jersey mall last night and opened fire, shot and killed himself early this morning.

Shoop entered the Garden State Plaza in Paramus around 9 p.m. and sent thousands of people running when he fired at least six shots, according to authorities.

No customers or employees were injured in the chaos.

New Jersey Mall Shooter Commits Suicide

Details are still coming in, but Bergen County prosecutor John Molinelli says Shoop used a "lawful weapon owned by his brother" that was meant to look like an AK-47.


It was found on his person around 3:20 a.m. today when officials discovered Shoop’s corpse “very, very deep in an area that was under construction," Molinelli told reporters.

The mall will be closed today as police conduct a thorough investigation of the area.

The venue is located approximately 20 miles northwest of downtown Manhattan and is comprised of more than 250 stores and restaurants, including a movie theater.

Security guards raced around the complex locking the doors shortly after Shoop opened fire last night, leaving hundreds of patrons to hide inside stores.

Employees and shoppers were then escorted into the stockroom and were patted down by a SWAT team before they were led outside by armed officers once an area was deemed safe.

“It was like a movie,” said Alexa Tom, a sales associate at Neiman Marcus. “They had their guns pointed up as they took us – just in case they would need to take action.”