Man Buried Alive in Brazil, Claws His Way Out, Scares the ISH Out of Mourner

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Forget the old saying "one foot in the grave." This Brazilian man's whole body was placed in one, only he was not yet deceased as previously believed.

After being buried alive, he attempted to claw his way out, succeeding to the point where he got someone's attention in a scene straight out of a horror film.

According to reports, a woman was at a cemetery in Sao Paulo's Ferraz de Vasconcelos when she heard odd noises and saw some dirt moving near a grave.

That's when she spotted a man, buried alive, trying to pull himself to freedom.

"I was terrified to see this man who I thought was dead, trying to get out of the grave," the woman recalled later, according to multiple local reports.

The woman notified authorities, who arrived to dig out the rest of the man's body; he'd already managed to free his head and arms from the ground.

Rescue workers can be seen pulling the partially buried man from the grave in viral video footage that emerged following the shocking turn of events.

It's not immediately clear how the man was buried alive to begin with.

Reportedly worked as a city hall employee, it is believed that he got into a fight in another part of the city and was badly beaten up in the altercation.

After he was rescued from the grave, he was taken to a local hospital.

Though city officials confirmed the case of the man being buried alive and rescued at this time, they did not disclose the condition of the man at present.

Step up it, The Walking Dead. You've got nothing on this true saga.