Little Girl Shoots Down Aspiring Crush: You Can Be My NEXT Boyfriend

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This note tells you all there is to say about love. Elementary school style.

A Reddit user posted the photo below, entitled "You Can Be My Next Boyfriend," which apparently was sent to the Redditor's little brother by a classmate.

The boy likes Ashely (sic?) a lot, so he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Sadly, she is already with Kyle, so she circled the "No" option she was presented with in the note. However, she did indicate that he would be next in line.

When - not if, but when - they break up ... she'd be down:

Elementary School Love Letter

No one wants to hear that they're a second choice, but it could be worse. It doesn't seem like Kyle is sweeping her off her feet at this moment in time.

It doesn't sound like a bad setup, honestly, if she's already looking ahead. Two months is like a lifetime for an elementary school kid, though, so that's brutal.

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