Joe Giudice Spotted with Mystery Date: Who is She?!?

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Teresa Giudice is facing decades in prison and a very hefty fine as the result of federal fraud charges.

So this is the last thing the reality star needs: cameras have caught husband Joe Giudice having coffee at a diner in New Jersey... with someone who decidely NOT his wife!

As recounted by Radar Online, the rendezvous took went down about 30 minutes from the home in which the Giudices reside, with Joe's mystery date wearing a large hat and sunglasses; i.e. clearly trying to hide her face.

An onlooker snapped the above photo and confirmed to Radar that the female in question was "DEFINITELY not Teresa," adding:

“She was completely disguising herself with a hat and huge sunglasses that she wouldn’t take off inside. They were sitting over coffee and occasionally Joe would reach over and touch her hand while talking. They were there for a while.”


Joe Giudice Coffee Date

This isn't the first time rumors of Joe cheating on Teresa have come up.

In June of 2012, sources alleged he actually stepped on his wife with the couple's nanny.

Teresa, though, called the story “fake” and said her husband was simply “meeting to talk business," defending the woman as someone she and her "family [have known] since she was in high school."

In 2011, meanwhile, Joe was accused of sleeping with a random woman at Fridays.

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