Jimmy Kimmel China Skit Sparks Backlash, Petition Demanding His Firing

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Jimmy Kimmel loves kids. Specifically posting them doing and saying absurd things. Occasionally, this gets him in hot water, as we saw with Kanye West.

Or worse, in this case. Saturday, hundreds of protesters targeted ABC Studios in Burbank, Houston, and Phoenix to protest a segment of his show.

On October 16, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired an unscripted segment called "Kids' Table," in which he hosted a round table Q&A session among youths.

The topic? How the United States should repay its $1.3 trillion debt to China. One of the kids' response? That we should just "kill everyone in China."

Both ABC and Kimmel have apologized, and are no longer airing "Kids' Table." However, Chinese-American groups and protesters are far from pleased.

According to a Burbank Police Department spokesperson, crowds "swelled up to 1,500 protestors" at the 2300 block of Riverside Drive on Saturday.

Less than 400 miles away, one hundred protesters gathered outside the ABC 15 studios in Phoenix to voice opposition to the very same sketch.

In response to the controversial skit, they chanted, "Teach kids no hatred," "No fake apology," and "Shame on you ABC" for 20 minutes, before relocating.

In Houston, several hundred protesters reportedly flooded an intersection and urged ABC to stop racism against the Chinese and fire Jimmy Kimmel.

Twitter was also peppered with tweets and videos from the protests.  

The backlash toward Kimmel's apology didn't in there. A petition demanding Kimmel be held responsible for the comments was posted to the White House's website.

It has obtained more than 100,000 signatures, which requires an official statement from the White House, as per their awesome/terrible system/

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