High School Football Team Pulls Off Hilarious Trick Play

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Keyser Soze may have been right about The Devil. The greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

But what about the greatest trick play a high school football team has ever pulled? That may have been executed over the weekend.

In the following video, we see the quarterback for El Camino Real in Los Angeles look as if he's giving up on a snap because he has the "wrong ball."

He takes it from the center... walks over to the sideline... and then sprints around the end as the entire defense looks on, confused and under the misapprehension that the play has been blown dead.

Watch the tomfoolery take place now:

El Camino went on to beat Cleveland High 52-6, making us wonder whether this play was really needed.

This may have been the TRICK Play of the Year. But watch this Texas high school game footage for the overall Play of the Year now.