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A man in northern China filed a lawsuit against his estranged wife this month after he deemed their newborn to be "incredibly ugly" and blamed the child’s appearance on his mother’s unattractive genes.

And the guy actually won $120,000 as a result.

Chinese Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Baby

Jian Feng said in court documents that he married his wife "out of love," but that the couple began having "marital issues" soon after the birth of their daughter.

She was "incredibly ugly," Feng said. "To the point where it horrified me."


Feng initially accused his wife of having an affair, only for the truth to eventually come out:

She had spent in excess of $100,000 on plastic surgery, duping Feng into believing he had married a natural beauty.

Appalled by this instance of false advertising and angry that he did not learn of it until after the couple had procreated, Feng took his wife to court and was awarded $120,000 in a settlement.

Equally incredible? The outpouring of support – FOR FENG! – among social media users in China.

“When you are in a true relationship, you tell your spouse everything. Past present and future – if not, then you don’t respect them,” one male wrote on Facebook.