Andrew Huang Writes, Performs Rap Song Without Using Letter "E"

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YouTube sensation Andrew Huang is making viral headlines this week for writing and performing a rap song without even one time using the letter "e."

To put that in perspective, in the sentence above, we used "e" 16 times! Sixteen! How could you ever pull it off for an entire song? In a word-dominated genre?

Andrew decided to give it a shot, and he didn't cut corners, either. Not only does Huang achieve his stated goal, the lyrics are still sick, and make sense!

The best part? Not only does the song not contain an "e" in it, but the song is even ABOUT not using an "e." The result, and his flow, are pretty unreal.

"This is a rap song in which no lyrics contain that fifth capital," he begins, accurately boasting that "I win big with wordplay" with "how I spray flows."

Huang asks his fans, "Do you kids miss this stiff fifth glyph?" A fair question. One he'll answer during "Violin gigs, absurd paid shindigs, and Thursdays."

Fans are loving it, and how you can not. Give him an "A" for effort and execution, and express gratitude for this epically electric, educational experience.

Sorry. Someone's gotta compensate for his lack of "e" use.

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