Woman Stops Washing Her Own Hair, Treats Self To Multiple Weekly Blowouts

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In "Ain't nobody got time fo' dat" news, hitting the salon three or more times a week for a pricy blowout: smart or silly?

For Sandra Ballantine, making it to the salon three times a week for blowouts became a way of life. That is, until a friend noticed there was no shampoo in her house and helped her realize she was spending up to $250 a week on her hair.

He issued a challenge--quit all heat styling cold turkey for three months and write about it for W magazine--and she accepted.

Blowout Addict Sandra Ballantine

At first, Ballantine "didn't think [she] could do it." Then, she says, "I kind of got over myself." 

After seeking advice from her stylist, who looked but didn't touch, and taking inspiration from Kate Moss, Ballantine eventually rose to the challenge. The first time she washed and air-dried her hair, she "looked like an extra from Game of Thrones."

"I began experimenting with all manner of shampoo, conditioner, balm, oil, cream, mousse, spray, and serum" she says. Were those products given to her by magazine for help with her article, on shelves this month? Maybe. Does it matter? Meh. 

While she did have a few failed attempts at a new style, such as one which left her unrecognizable to her boyfriend, she's learned to embrace her more natural style.

And what of the money she's saving by not visiting the salon as frequently? The nearly $13,000 per year she spent on her hair?

She's putting that money toward the property taxes for the home she recently purchased. Money well spent, if you ask us.

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