The Walking Dead Season Premiere Recap: Peace at the Prison?

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New season of The Walking Dead. New showrunner. New Rick.

Same thrills.

Yes, The Walking Dead Season 4 got underway on AMC last night with Rick trying his hand at farming and with relative peace inside the prison. But we all knew that wouldn't last, didn't we?

Let's take a look at what went down on the return installment of cable's most-watched series:

  • It's been some time since the last season finale and the prison has become a relatively thriving community. Rick's become a farmer who doesn't use guns anymore.
  • On his trip into the woods, he runs into a crazy dirty lady. She tries to kill him, but then stabs herself. She questions whether you can come back from the killing and choices made in the post-apocolyptic world.
  • A group of survivors led by Michonne and Daryl are attacked by walkers falling from the roof on their search for supplies. One new character, Zack, is killed.
  • Maggie and Glenn discuss having a baby, but she reveals she isn't pregnant.
  • Carol teaches the children to use knives.A new survivor, Patrick, gets sick, dies and turns into a walker inside the prison.

What does the latter event mean? Will a virus be the main Season 4 threat? And when will we see the Governor again?

Sound off now on The Walking Dead premiere and give it a grade:

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