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The Real Housewives of Miami set out to visit Texas as “The Black Sheep” went home. We recap the bull riding and cult status in our THG +/- review.

While Alexia celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary, Adriana worked on letting her son grow up and Joanna Krupa welcomed an adorable new addition (Plus 15!) into her home, it was Lea Black who took center stage on this week’s Housewives.

The moment we set foot in Texas I immediately wondered… why isn’t there The Real Housewives of Texas? Minus 22.

The Real Housewives of Miami Promo

Seems to me the ladies of Dallas could easily give The Real Housewives of Orange County, Miami, Beverly Hills, and Atlanta a run for their money.

With all the drama and ridiculous displays of wealth? What are you waiting for, Bravo?


But Lea’s not from a big city like Dallas or Houston. She was born and raised a small town Texas girl…and the day she graduated from high school she left the cult of Texas…or in this case, Waco.

Lea’s obviously a bit of a fish out of water here in Texas but she makes sure to bring RJ back for visits with his Me-Ma. Plus 30.

And this time…she brought Lisa Hochstein too.

Lisa expected to meet Texas high society so Lea’s family was nothing she’d imagined.

But as Lea says of her friend, “I think she can fit in anywhere as long as she has 15 suitcases, a hair and makeup person, and a stylist.”

That sounds about right. Plus 13.

Lea keeps her family separate from her world in Miami. Here in Texas they’re just normal people…and even Lea gets up for a ride on the mechanical bull…albeit a slow one.

Lisa doesn’t do so well on the bull but she wants to make sure that everyone knows that she’s normally very good at riding things, thankfully just not bulls. Plus 18.

As Lea points out, her family is “all content with a nice house, a dog and a picket fence,” but Lea views the world differently. She doesn’t fit in here but there’s obviously a lot of love there just the same. Plus 25.

On a very sad note, we learn that Lea had a sister who died three years ago in a tragic accident. It’s still difficult to talk about and I hope Lisa doesn’t push that subject in the future. Minus 14.

But the highlights were seeing all of those 1980s photos of Lea selling her skin care line. Plus 33. Nothing beats ’80s hair, especially not in Texas.

And I don’t even think I can comment on Cody the Texas rapper. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.