The Bachelor to Premiere on January 6, Juan Pablo Galavis to Choose From 27 Ladies

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The Bachelor returns on Monday, January 6, and when it does, the man of the hour Juan Pablo Galavis will have 27 ladies to choose from on the ABC show.

Yes, 27. For the FIRST TIME IN BACHELOR HISTORY, the star will have exactly two more than the requisite 25 aspiring trophy wives from whom to pick.

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Juan Pablo Galavis will break 26 hearts between the premiere and the March finale. Or at least 24-25. Two or three typically make the final episode.

Such was the case on last season's Bachelorette ... when Juan Pablo barely got any screen time, but still emerged as the most popular guy all winter.

Not sure if that says more about Juan Pablo or the kind of men Desiree Hartsock is attracted to, but come January 6, it'll be JPG doling out roses.

Twenty-seven of them, as it were, out of thousands of applicants hoping to date the man. This is not the first time the show has strayed from 25:

  • Jillian Harris had 30 guys to choose from on The Bachelorette
  • Brad Womack had 30 women for his second Bachelor stint
  • Ben Flajnik had 26, though he sent Shawntel Newton away
  • Sean Lowe had 26 also, with Kacie Boguskie's late arrival

Are you excited for the upcoming season? Can you even recall Juan Pablo on The Bachelorette? Share your comments and votes with us below ...

Juan Pablo as The Bachelor: Good choice?

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