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Kim Kardashian’s ring finger weighs a lot more today than it did a week ago.

That’s what happens when Kanye West proposes to you with a 15-carat engagement ring that is estimated to have cost around $8 million.

But in a new interview with People, Kardashian focuses a different body party, telling the magazine that the size to which her stomach ballooned while expecting North West made life extremely challenging at times.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
Photo via Getty Images

“Pregnancy for me was a lot tougher than people saw on my show or from magazines,” Kardashian says. “So to get back to feeling like myself just makes me feel good again.”


Kanye’s fiancee says she’s lost 43 of the 50 pounds she gained while pregnant and that the criticism she experienced while knocked up remains a painful memory.

It actually made her want to “tune out the media” for awhile, which is like Justin Bieber saying he wants to go around wearing a shirt.

But a focus on the Atkins Diet, coupled with regular work-outs and breast-feeding her daughter, helped Kim feel confident enough to strike a sexy swimsuit pose late last week.

West then proposed a few days later. Coincidence?!? Probably.

Still. Kim looks and feels good right now.