Jenny McCarthy: Not Getting Booted from The View

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Jenny McCarthy is not going anywhere, ABC viewers.

Following just over a month as co-host on The View, this bubbly blonde's job status was called in to question this week when Radar Online quoted an anonymous production source who claimed producers were unhappy with McCarthy.

"ABC has begun doing deep research on Jenny's work on the show and the initial findings are that viewers want to tune out the second she opens her mouth!" the report alleged. "The data has revealed that she is far more off-putting Elisabeth."

But while it is true some critics have questioned giving McCarthy such a platform due to her anti-vaccination beliefs (the words "homicidal maniac" have been used to describe her), it is NOT true that she's on the outs.

HOWEVER, the numbers don't back up the claim that The View is suffering in McCarthy's presence.

It is averaging just over three million viewers per episode this season, which is a tick below its previous season numbers.

E! News reports no evidence to back up the assertion that Jenny is in trouble.

Have you been watching? What do you think of Jenny McCarthy on The View?

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