Intruder Arrested Inside New Mexico Home, Found Naked and Eating Cat Food

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Roy Kincaid was arrested last Sunday night after police found the 22-year old inside the home of a couple in New Mexico, completely naked and eating cat food off the ground.

Mike Wolfersperger told KRQE News 13 that he and his wife called 911 after Kincaid rang their doorbell and asked to use their phone.

When the couple told Kincaid to leave, he stripped down in their backyard and used a ladder to shatter the back door.

Wolfersperger barricaded himself in his bedroom while Kincaid was in their home and, when authorities arrived, they found the 22-year old sucking his thumb, nude, curled up on the carpet.

As you might expect, Kincaid was reportedly under the influence of drugs at the time. He could not provide an explanation for what he did.

The young man's criminal history also includes charges of trespassing, larceny, drug possession and DWI.

In 2013, Bam Margera called the cops when he came across a naked, masturbating intruder. But it was not Kincaid.